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Colors: Green, white, pink, yellow, black
Print: 3 prints: white floral calico, green floral and striped calico and pink with white dots
Sleeves: Wrist length sleeves with ruffle and button closure cuff
Neckline: High neckline with ruffle and lace…

Colors: Pink, turquoise
Print: Puakenikeni lei print
Sleeves: Long puffed sleeves with elastic cuffs trimmed with full ruffle on printed fabric at cuffs
Neckline: High neck with collar of pleated ruffles, bold v-yoke with pleated ruffle trim, with…

Colors: Pink, yellow, green, black,
Print: Multicolored florals
Sleeves: Short puffed elbow length sleeves, elasticized hem
Neckline: Scoop neckline; yoke with ruffle and piping detail
Ruffles: Yoke and hemline
Hemline: Featuring small ruffles…

Colors: White, green, red
Print: Large plaid
Sleeves: Long sleeves, ending at wrists with cuff trimmed with lace and ruffles
Neckline: High neck with ruffle and yoke with ruffles and lace
Ruffles: Yoke, cuffs, hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle in…

Colors: Red, white
Print: Solid red with woven palaka accents; Featuring palaka Hawaiian quilt-like appliqué detail at skirt
Sleeves: Short puffed sleeves with palaka trim, elasticized ruffle hem
Neckline: Scoop neckline with red yoke with palaka…

Colors: Pink, blue, white, green
Print: Hibiscus and leaves print on pink
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Neckline: Scoop neckline with simple ruffle
Ruffles: Neckline and hemline
Hemline: Tall curved ruffle
Closure: None
Material: Rayon

Colors: Pink, purple, turquoise, white
Print: Vertical floral on pink
Sleeves: Short sleeves with layer of ruffles and ruffles at hem with piping
Neckline: Scoop neckline with simple yoke trimmed in turquoise piping
Ruffles: Sleeves,…

Colors: Turquoise, white
Print: Small white floral calico on turquoise
Sleeves: Puffed sleeves, ending above elbows with cuff trimmed in lace and ruffles
Neckline: scoop neck with yoke in main fabric, layer with white lace with ruffle and lace…

Colors: Green, white, pink
Print: Large white and pink florals on green
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Neckline: Scoop neckline with simple yoke edged with ruffles of main fabric
Ruffles: Yoke, hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle of main fabric

Colors: Blue, yellow, pink, green, white, red
Print: Florals on dark blue
Sleeves: Short layered cap sleeves
Neckline: High scoop neckline with simple yoke trimmed with pink and blue ruffle
Ruffles: Yoke, at knee with string bow

Colors: Purple (lavender), turquoise
Print: Breadfruit-like print on turquoise
Sleeves: Tulip sleeves with purple ruffle edging and turquoise piping
Neckline: V-neck trimmed with purple ruffle and edged with turquoise piping; wide yoke

Colors: Green, red, blue, yellow
Print: Tiny calico flowers on green
Sleeves: None
Neckline: Scoop ruffle tank
Ruffles: Neckline and at hemline
Hemline: Tall at hemline edged with yellow piping
Closure: None
Material: Cotton?
Size: ?

Colors: Purple, green
Print: Hibiscus and fern print
Sleeves: Puffed short sleeves with bubble effect, elastic at shoulders
Neckline: Scoop wide V-neck with purple piping trim
Ruffles: At hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle; at back splitting in center…

Colors: Purple and Lavender
Print: Purple on purple two-tone Hawaiian quilt print
Sleeves: Very puffed short sleeves with lots of ruching
Neckline: Angular scoop with purple piping trim
Ruffles: At hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle splitting off…

Colors: Pink, red, blue, purple, green, white
Print: Floral (magnolia?), fern and leaves print on light blue background
Sleeves: Puffed elbow length sleeve with gathered hem featuring ruffle detail with lace trim
Neckline: Scoop with angular yoke…

Colors: White, Black
Print: White on white print of vertical lei (puakenikeni); Featuring black applique at neckline
Sleeves: None
Neckline: Simple high neckline trimmed in black, with keyhole at center and black applique of leaves in the manner…

Colors: Pink, black
Print: Solid pink fabric with accents of printed fabric: black print of small Hawaiian appliqué motifs on pink
Sleeves: Puffed solid fabric elbow-length sleeves with printed ruffle
Neckline: High scoop with wide yoke, across…

Colors: Pink, white, green, purple, red, blue
Print: All over floral print
Sleeves: Puffed elbow-length sleeves
Neckline: High scoop with angular yoke featuring main printed fabric, purple fabric, and pink and purple trims with ruffle of main…

Colors: Pink, cream, yellow, red, tan, Print: All-over lei print on cream background Sleeves: Short sleeves Neckline: Scoopneck with ruffled yoke Ruffles: At neckline, with maroon trim, tall ruffle at hem Hemline: Tall ruffle of main fabric Closure:…

Colors: Black, white
Print: SVertical black print on white of Ohia Lehua
Sleeves: Puffed off-the-shoulder short sleeves with elasticized hem with black ruffle
Neckline: Off the shoulder elasticized neckline with full black ruffle
Ruffles: At…
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