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Colors: Purple, white, green
Print: Purple and green diagonal print with Hawaiian applique style print
Sleeves: Extremely puffed bubble short sleeves
Neckline: Square scoop with purple piping trim
Ruffles: At hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle…

Colors: Purple, turquoise Print: Solid purple fabric applique in Hawaiian quilt style on solid turquoise fabric Sleeves: Short puffed shoulder sleeves, with purple fabric applique in Hawaiian quilt style and piping detail Neckline: Square neckline…

Colors: Red, white
Print: Solid red with woven palaka accents; Featuring palaka Hawaiian quilt-like appliqué detail at skirt
Sleeves: Short puffed sleeves with palaka trim, elasticized ruffle hem
Neckline: Scoop neckline with red yoke with palaka…

Colors: White, yellow, green
Print: Signature Mamo Hawaiian quilt print on white background
Sleeves: Wide simple short sleeves
Neckline: High scoop neckline with simple yoke
Ruffles: None
Hemline: None
Closure: None
Material: ?
Size: ?

Colors: Purple and Lavender
Print: Purple on purple two-tone Hawaiian quilt print
Sleeves: Very puffed short sleeves with lots of ruching
Neckline: Angular scoop with purple piping trim
Ruffles: At hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle splitting off…

Colors: Pink, black
Print: Solid pink fabric with accents of printed fabric: black print of small Hawaiian appliqué motifs on pink
Sleeves: Puffed solid fabric elbow-length sleeves with printed ruffle
Neckline: High scoop with wide yoke, across…

IMG_7032 2.jpeg
Colors: Cream background, brown quilt pattern print, black piping trim
Print: Hawaiian quilt print (perhaps Cereus) in brown with signature Mamo
Sleeves: Elbow length sleeves with print and black piping at hem
Neckline: Square neckline with black…

Colors: Pink background, Black machine appliqué and trim, and White ruffles
Print: none
Technique: Black Hawaiian applique (machine) non-specific leaf pattern quilt elements
Sleeves: Unusual shoulder ruffled cape sleeve with black machine…

Colors: Turquoise background
Print: Hawaiian quilt-style floral print in purple and pink
Sleeves: Generously puffed and ruched sleeves
Neckline: Angular scoop neck with magenta piping trim
Ruffles: Tall Double layer with magenta trim at…
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