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Colors: Blues and white
Print: Blue on blue two-tone print of loulu palm
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Neckline: Drawstring halter-like neckline with eyelet lace trim
Ruffles: Hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle hemline with eyelet trim
Closure: Back zipper and…

Colors: Green, white, blue, purple, pink
Print: Painterly florals and leaves on blue and white background
Sleeves: Long sleeves with cuff
Neckline: Scoop V-neckline with wide simple yoke
Ruffles: none
Hemline: Normal
Closure: None

Colors: White, green, red
Print: Large plaid
Sleeves: Long sleeves, ending at wrists with cuff trimmed with lace and ruffles
Neckline: High neck with ruffle and yoke with ruffles and lace
Ruffles: Yoke, cuffs, hemline
Hemline: Tall ruffle in…

Colors: Green, white, grey, yellow
Print: Palm nuts and pods
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Neckline: Scoop neckline medium ruffle
Ruffles: Yoke and hemline
Hemline: Medium ruffle with partial overlap
Closure: Side zipper
Material: silk?

Colors: Blue, pink, purple, red, black
Print: florals on blue speckled background
Sleeves: Long sleeves ending above wrist
Neckline: V neck split
Ruffles: None
Hemline: None
Closure: None
Material: ?
Size: ?
Fit: Loose
Length: Full


Colors: Bodice Fabric: cream, white, grey; Body Fabric: Black, grey, white, yellow, green
Print: Bodice Fabric: twig and bud print; Body Fabric: leaves
Sleeves: Short cap sleeves
Neckline: Scoop neckline with decorative 3 button…

Colors: Blue, yellow, pink, green, white, red
Print: Florals on dark blue
Sleeves: Short layered cap sleeves
Neckline: High scoop neckline with simple yoke trimmed with pink and blue ruffle
Ruffles: Yoke, at knee with string bow

Colors: Green, white, blue
Print: Florals
Sleeves: Puffed short sleeves with blue bands ending in a ruffle with lace trim
Neckline: Scoop neckline with simple yoke trimmed with white piping and white lace
Ruffles: At sleeves and hemline

Colors: Black, white, orange, red
Print: Large hibiscus print on white
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Neckline: Scoop neckline
Ruffles: None
Hemline: None
Closure: Zippered back
Material: Polyester?
Size: ?
Fit: Fitted
Length: Full


Colors: Pink, blue, green
Print: Tiny floral calico on pink background
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Neckline: Angular scoop neck with yoke trimmed with blue ribbon
Ruffles: None
Hemline: Normal
Closure: Zippered Back
Material: Cotton?
Size: ?

Colors: Green, red, blue, yellow
Print: Tiny calico flowers on green
Sleeves: None
Neckline: Scoop ruffle tank
Ruffles: Neckline and at hemline
Hemline: Tall at hemline edged with yellow piping
Closure: None
Material: Cotton?
Size: ?

Colors:Purple (lavender), tan, blue, white
Print: Abstract, painterly florals
Sleeves: Puffed tapered long sleeve, with elasticized hem
Neckline: high scoop with empire Bodie, three button front closure
Ruffles: None
Hemline: Normal

Colors: Blue, green yellow, white
Print: Stylized graphic kapa print
Sleeves: Short simple
Neckline: V-neck with straight across yoke, featuring two decorative buttons
Ruffles: None
Hemline: Normal
Closure: None
Material: cotton…

Colors: Pink, red, blue, purple, green, white
Print: Floral (magnolia?), fern and leaves print on light blue background
Sleeves: Puffed elbow length sleeve with gathered hem featuring ruffle detail with lace trim
Neckline: Scoop with angular yoke…

Colors: Green, purple, lavender, white, lime green, yellow
Print: Florals (hibiscus, tiare) and leaves over lavender background
Sleeves: Short flutter sleeves
Neckline: Simple scoop; empire bodice
Ruffles: None
Hemline: Normal

Colors: Pink, purple (lavender)
Print: Striped floral calico; Swiss dot
Sleeves: Puffed elbow length sleeve with elasticized hem
Neckline: Scoop with detailed yoke featuring mix of calico fabric and Swiss dot, eyelet trims, and purple ribbon and…

Colors: White, red, green
Print: Solid white eyelet fabric, with embroidered roses at yolk (front and back)
Sleeves: Puffed short with cuff
Neckline: High with front button closure; Yoke comes to a point with white piping detail; Hand embroidered…

Colors: Blue, green, purple
Print: Asian style florals (chrysanthemum and peony) on blue background
Sleeves: Short
Neckline: Simple V-neck with two decorative buttons (of main fabric)
Ruffles: None
Hemline: Normal
Closure: Zippered…

Colors: Orange, pink, white
Print: Stylized retro large pink and white florals on orange
Sleeves: None
Neckline: Wide scoop neck
Ruffles: None
Hemline: Normal, back slit
Closure: Zippered back
Material: Cotton?
Size: ?

Colors: Blue, lime green
Print: Lime green florals (appears to be stylized hibiscus, tiare), berries, leaves (monstera) on blue
Sleeves: Straight elbow length with tacked on bows
Neckline: High simple scoop neck
Ruffles: None
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