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Mu'umu'u Month

Mu'umu'u Month (January) is an annual celebration of Hawaii's fashion history. Many women choose to wear one every single day of January, on Aloha Fridays, or for social events. By wearing mu'umu'u we honor our grandmothers, mothers, aunts and all who came before; We are also purposefully continuing a mu'umu'u-wearing tradition for the next generation.

Mu'umu'u Month began in 2015 by Shannon Hiramoto as a personal challenge and way to encourage others to don mu'umu'u under the hashtag #muumuumonth

The movement (also referred to as the mu'uvement or mu'umu'uvement) continues to grow over the years and has been pivotal in the resurgence of mu'umu'u appreciation.

"The dresses are beautiful and you can think of wearing one as simply that. But the deeper aspect of mu'u-ing is about opting out of wearing something else; A non-participation and resistance of mono-culture. It's a special thing to wear a piece of clothing not because its on-trend or flattering but because it makes you feel closer to your late-grandmother, or makes you recall your childhood, or keeps you grounded to the land, or ties you to your culture, or neutralizes your environmental footprint, or helps you step out of your comfort zone, or creates conversation and connection. These are things a mu'umu'u can offer."--Shannon Hiramoto