The Mu’umu’u Archive is a crowdsourced visual and narrative repository. The mu’umu’u collected and showcased here belong to many people and exist all over the world. Owners have submitted photographs and descriptions of their collections to our preservation-centered digital archive in the hopes that these pieces of fashion history will educate, inspire, and connect others.

We gladly welcome your mu’umu’u photographic submissions and stories, memories, and mana'o here.

You may also contribute comments for any mu'umu'u you see listed in the archive. For instance, if a specific memory, emotion is evoked or if you have more information about a mu'u or designer/brand, please feel free to drop a comment in that mu'u's listing.

The mu’umu’u presented on this site are presented for non-commercial preservation purposes only, no dresses are for sale through this website.